Sprint Triathlon Distances: How Long Is A Sprint Triathlon?

As you may have guessed, sprint triathlons are short triathlons. Consisting of three different courses, they can be quite intense. These courses are running, cycling, and swimming.

Sprint Triathlon Distances: How Long Is A Sprint Triathlon?

Thanks to the fact that sprint triathlons are shorter than other races, they are popular with novice competitors. 

You may be wondering just how long these sprint triathlons are. 

  • Swimming – this swim is 750 meters/ 0.5 miles/ 2,460 feet long. 
  • Cycling – you will need to cycle for 20 kilometers/ 12.43 miles/ 65,616.8 feet. This will be the longest portion of the sprint triathlon. 
  • Running – this section of the triathlon will be 5 kilometers/ 3.1 miles/ 16404.2 long. 

To experience triathlon competitors, these distances might seem relatively easy. However, to those with little to no experience, it might seem more intimidating.

Ultimately these sprint triathlons are great for beginners because they are not as intense. This will mean that you will not have to do as much training. 

Of course, it is still important to train for a sprint triathlon. This is because it can still take novice triathlon competitors over two hours to complete. This means that you will still need to do vigorous exercise for a very long amount of time. 

Because of this, one of the most important areas that you will have to focus on during your training is endurance. Otherwise, you will not have enough energy to last you for the entire race. 

To increase your swimming endurance, simply try to increase the amount of distance you are swimming each time you practice. The same can be said for running.

A treadmill is a great way of keeping track of the amount of distance you are running. If you do not have access to a gym, you can purchase a treadmill online. Likewise, an exercise bike will be beneficial for enhancing your cycling performance

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will A Sprint Triathlon Take To Complete?

This will vary considerably depending on your level of fitness and how much experience you have with this sort of race. However, it will likely take you at least an hour and a half. A realistic time for beginners will be at least two hours. 

How Much Time Will A 750-Meter Swim Take?

Again, times will differ. However, you will be looking for somewhere in the range of between ten and twenty minutes. This section will likely take less time than cycling and running. 

Matt Williams