Sochi 2020


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About the Championships

The OCR World Championships are the official championships of the national federation members of World OCR, representing athletes from over 80 countries. The event will be at the site of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, in Sochi Russia, located in the beautiful Caucus Mountains by the Black Sea.

Schedule of Events

Preliminary Schedule

Thursday 17th: Packet pick-up, Technical Briefings, Opening Ceremonies

Friday 18th: 3K Short Course, awards & 100m heats

Saturday, 19th: 12+K Standard Distance, awards & 100m heats, party

Sunday 20th: 3K Team relay & 100m finals, awards, Closing Ceremonies

Events & Formats

Event formats include 100 m individual Sprint (10 obstacles, video here), 3 km individual and team Short Course (20+ obstacles ) and 12+ km individual  Standard  Distance (40+ obstacles) cross country Obstacle Course Races. Qualification for OCR World Championships assumes athletes study and train for the obstacle format, rules, terrain and possible weather conditions.

Competition Rules

Competition Rules are specific to each events. These are not the same rules used by commercial events such as Spartan World Championships, Strong Viking OCR World Finals, World's Toughest Mudder, and Adventurey OCRWC. In general, rules allow only one obstacle attempt. This meets criteria accepted for OCR medal events in International Multisport Games under regulation by the International Olympic Committee for athletes competing at the highest level.


FISO has adopted the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code and World OCR Anti-Doping Rules are implemented to advance FISO's continuing efforts to prevent doping in Obstacle Course Racing. Under recommendation from WADA all athletes competing in the OCR World Championships in Sochi will be required to undertake the WADA Athlete Learning Program about Health and Anti-Doping (ALPHA) and provide a certificate of completion prior to competing. 

Certificates will be validated during packet pick-up in Sochi. The Anti-Doping e-Learning platform (ADeL) is free of charge and can be done at the pace you choose. Register and complete the programme from the ALPHA link, then download your completion certificate and show it at packet-pick up. Instructions for creating an account:

  • Fill in all fields with your personal information
  • In the Sport field select "None"
  • Leave the Federation / Organization field blank (do not enter anything)
  • In the Role field enter Athlete
  • Leave the Athlete Id field blank (do not enter anything)
  • In the Name of event field enter FISO OCR World Championships

The WADA 2020 prohibited substances and methods list is available for download from the World OCR Anti-doping page.

Cash Prizes

Cash Prizes for Competitive Categories 

Competitive race categories include individual men and women in Elite plus five year age groups: U20 (minimum age 18 on race day) to 50+. National team races are mixed gender (3 people, at least 1 woman and at least 1 man) in the 3 km OCR event. Open waves will be available in each event format for non-competitive athletes.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded for top three in each category. Prize money will be awarded to the top three finishers in Elite races. Medal tally will be kept for the top performing country and world records can be set in the Ninja OCR competition.


Qualification to represent each country is through the national federations. Championships such as the OCR European Championships, OCR Asia-Pacific Championships, national championships and races specified by each country's national federation may be qualifiers.

Details on qualification for in Country is available here

Hosts and Hotel

The  2020 OCR World Championships are being hosted by OCR Russia, Hero League and Rosa Khutor Ski Resort in Sochi Russia. Athletes stay and dine in the Olympic Village at Rosa Khutor, the same rooms as the competing athletes in 2014. Browse the mountain resort webcams for current conditions.

You can find more information about the hotels and how to book in this link


The race venue is in Sochi, the home of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Rosa Khutor has a wide variety of terrain and 102 kilometres of trails and slopes.  This is a mountainous location so athletes need to be prepared for significant elevation gain and steep slopes.


Sochi airport was built for the 2014 Olympics and is a 2 hour flight from Moscow. Ground transport from the airport to the race venue to the Olympic Village in Rosa Khutor takes about 45 minute. Travel information to how to get to Rosa Khutor Mountain Resort are available here.

You can find more information about travelling to Russia in this link . Inexpensive flights are available from Moscow to Sochi. Note that there are 3 main airports in Moscow. Frequent and efficient public transport is available between the airports.



  • Registration in open categories is available to all comers (no qualification needed)
  • International athletes can pre-register and will have their slot held pending qualification verification for their country
  • Priority is given to national  teams qualified through National Member Federations of World OCR
  • Multiple runs are allowed for OCR  100m (you may purchase more than one ticket)
  • Entry is allowed in one competitive category only, either Elite OR Age Group, not both
  • There are no awards for the Open Category
  • All athletes must complete the ALPHA anti-doping education programme prior to competing. Details above.


  • Racer shirt, finisher medal
  • Award medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze) for winners in each category
  • Custom shirt option with country colours, flag and athlete name
  • Opening ceremony
  • Practice runs for 100m race
  • Closing ceremony and after party
  • Optional accommodation and meal package in the Olympic Village


Equal amount and depth for men and women


European Countries

Follow this link for information on how to process your visa quickly and and how to get the letter of invitation in an economic way in different European countries.

Australia, USA and Canada

Follow this link for information on how to process your visa quickly and how to get the letter of invitation in an economic way in Australia, USA and Canada.


Follow this link for information on how to  process your visa quickly and and how to get the letter of invitation in an economic way in different Asian countries.

Immigration and Customs

Follow this link for information on  immigration procedures and customs formalities at the airport. This includes how you should fill out the immigration card and the paperwork that you will need to provide.

Arrival by Air via Moscow

Follow this link for information on arriving to Moscow by plane. Note that there are three (3) main passenger airports in Moscow. Frequent and efficient public transport is available between the airports.

Download the Competition Rules below. 3 km and 15 km use the OCR Competition Rules.