Para OCR is under regulation of the FISO Para-athlete Commission with the goals of:

  • Ensuring compliance of races to para-athlete accessibility
  • Representing para-athletes and ensures compliance of World OCR with International Paralympic Committee (IPC) standards.

World OCR provides Para-Athlete coach training and competitions and encourages athletes of all abilities to compete. We uphold the ideals of the IPC, which are:


To make for a more inclusive society for people with an impairment through Para sport.

Paralympic Values


Para athletes through their performances showcase to the world what can be achieved when testing your body to its absolute limits.


Para athletes have a unique strength of character that combines mental toughness, physical ability and outstanding agility to produce sporting performances that regularly redefine the boundaries of possibility.


As role models, Para athletes maximise their abilities, thus empowering and exciting others to participate in sport.


Through sport Para athletes challenge stereotypes and transform attitudes, helping to increase inclusion by breaking down social barriers and discrimination towards people with an impairment.