Advice & Resources

The health, safety and well-being of the global OCR community is our highest priority. World OCR’s Medical Commission is closely monitoring the situation and following guidance issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Olympic Committee regarding events.

Race directors of some OCR events are being faced with event cancellations as they follow the mandates and recommendations of local, regional, provincial, state and national authorities.

World OCR will provide regular updates to the OCR community. Please also use the resources provided by the World Health Organization and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to reduce your health risk. 



The health, wellness and medical safety of athletes is of paramount importance for Obstacle Sports. The World OCR Medical Commission is the FISO body that ensures medical care at all sanctioned and recognised competitions is of the highest international quality. We are responsible for establishing conditions at competitions that ensure the health and safety of all participants. This includes ensuring that FISO complies with the World Anti-Doping Agency code, the IOC and FISO Anti-Doping rules and medical standards established by the ASTM International Standard for land based obstacles.

The World OCR Athlete Development Committee is a working group of the Athletes Commission and works with the Medical Commission to ensure the health and wellness of Junior, Youth and Adult  athletes.

World OCR Medical Rules

The World OCR Medical Rules are the master source documents for Obstacle Sports disciples and events. These documents act as the official (authorized) reference documents and are maintained based on authorized amendments in accordance with recommendations by the World OCR Medical Commission and accepted by the World OCR Executive Committee. 

The World OCR Medical Rules are intended to:

  • Ensure adequate emergency medical preparedness at OCR events;
  • Provide guidelines for safety and protection of athletes;
  • Emphasize preventive care and athlete health prior to and during competition;
  • Outline safety and technical requirements of medical posts, medical equipment, and medical personnel on course.
  • World OCR Medical Rules will be available for download here shortly.

Medical Delegate

The Medical Delegate (MD) is a professional who take part in safety and medical issues of the athletes during competitions. He/she needs to have experience in world level sports events, with knowledge in technical and operational issues related to world class events and expertise in anti-doping procedures and WADA related issues.

The MD has to be a member of the team of technical officials in order to know the technical operations and the possible scenarios of the competition.

Youth Development

International Olympic Committee consensus statement on youth athletic development


The health, fitness and other advantages of youth sports participation are well recognised. However, there are considerable challenges for all stakeholders involved—especially youth athletes—in trying to maintain inclusive, sustainable and enjoyable participation and success for all levels of individual athletic achievement. In an effort to advance a more unified, evidence-informed approach to youth athlete development, the IOC critically evaluated the current state of science and practice of youth athlete development and presented recommendations for developing healthy, resilient and capable youth athletes, while providing opportunities for all levels of sport participation and success. The IOC further challenges all youth and other sport governing bodies to embrace and implement these recommended guiding principles.

Read the full consensus statement here.