Expedition OCR World Championships

Expedition OCR World Championship


Primal Quest Pursuit is official Expedition OCR World Championship where teams travel self-supported over stunning back country obstacles given 5 days to complete their quest. Teams of 2, 3 and 4 people, women only men only and mixed (co-ed) teams run, bike, paddle, raft and climb across mountains, oceans, lakes and rivers. This exclusive event is preserved for the hearty and rugged. Physical and mental strength combined with skill are necessary to complete the PQ Pursuit course.


Thursday 6th - Saturday 12th September, 2018


The 2018 course takes place in the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia, demanding and magnificent at once. We guarantee a steep challenge that will test you to the core and is unlike any other race on the continent. Get the skills.


Distance: Approximately 300 km

Short Course Option: Yes

Duration: Up to 10 days

Expected Winning Time: 5 days

Teams allowed: 40

Format: Coed (mixed) and single gender teams of 2, 3 and 4

Support crews: Supported and unsupported)

Difficulty: Extreme

Registration price: US6,750  (4 person), US$5,900 (3p), US$4,900 (2p)

Awards: September 11, 2018

Prizes: Team Entry for 2019 Godzone, New Zealand

What's Involved

Primal Quest Pursuit event is an event unto itself. It is a great initiation event for those that want to take part in the Primal Quest Pure Expedition. It is also a great option if you can’t commit the time/money necessary to train and pay for an expedition race. It is designed to run from along most of the same course but with some of the distances shortened. This being a point to point race you will still have to traverse a lot of the same tough elevation and terrain.

Additionally your support crew is welcome to support not only your body fuel and equipment needs they may also assist in reviewing maps and routes to help your team successfully navigate and complete the race. And its always nice to have a friendly hug, a hot meal, and miraculously clean clothes every once in a while.

Support crews are limited to a maximum of 2. In some of the transition areas we have limited space and we are keen to also keep it fair and equitable across all teams. You will be required to provide your own support vehicle that can transport your team bikes and gear boxes. More vehicle and equipment details will be provided in upcoming Newsletters. Boats and rafts will be transported by race management.

Primal Quest Pursuit winning time is anticipated to be 4-5 days with up to 10 days to finish.