World OCR Committees

Committees are working groups of commissions or stand alone working groups that are created by the executive committee to perform tasks  on an ad hoc basis.

Competitions Committee

Competitions Committee is a working group of the Technical Commission responsible for policies and guidelines that ensure FISO sanctioned and approved events are of world standard. This includes world cups, world championships and continental championships. Advising on and directing event operations and production are within the scope of the Competitions Committee.

Chair: Mr. Claudi Fogues (ESP)

Deputy Chair: Ms. Ilca Andrikis (AUS)

Members: Mr. Jamie Monroe (USA), Mr. Raven Quan (PHL), Mr. David Tully (SGP)

Development Committee

The Development Committee is a working group of the Athletes Commission responsible for coaching, training, coach certification, and works with the Medical Commission to ensure the health and wellness of Junior, Youth and Adult athletes.

Chairman: Mr. Shaun Wilde (GBR)
Members: Ms. Faye Stenning (CAN), Mr. Chris Wilkinson (CAN), Mr. Nikolaj Maegaard Dam (DEN)


Diversity Committee

Equality and safety are of paramount importance to the federations and FISO does not tolerate hate speech or actions. Behaviour counter to principles of sport will result in sanctions / exclusion / disqualification of individuals and or organisations.

The responsibility of the Diversity Committee is to provide advice and recommendation regarding gender development sensitivity and inclusivity. The Committee is advisory and submits Resolutions for guidelines, policies and sanctions to the Executive Board.

Chair: Dr. Marc Lauenze Celis (PHL) 

Deputy Chair: Natasha Mei Ling Chung (GBR)

Members: Sean Rombough (CAN), Sune Blohm (DEN), Timmie Brann (USA)

Economic Development Committee

The Economic Development Committee works with the Governance Development Committee, the Governance Commission and Competitions Committee to develop obstacle sports in under served countries and regions.

Chairman: Mr. Miguel Espina Vázquez (ESP)

Ethics Committee

The responsibility of the Ethics Committee is to enforces the World OCR Code of Ethics, and investigate this violations. The Committee is advisory and submits Resolutions to the Executive Board. Included in it's duties are overseeing Responsible Events and members compliance with the Code of Ethics.

ChairmanMr. Jack A. Donenfeld​ (USA)
Members: Ms. Patricia Castillo (PHL)


Finance Committee

The World OCR Finance Committee advises the FISO Congress,  Executive board, Central Board and the  President on matters relating to the World OCR's financial management in order to safeguard continuity and strengthen the transparency and good governance of World OCR and obstacle sports globally.

Chairman: Mr. Alberto Agra (PHL)

Governance Development Committee

The Governance Development Committee (GDC) is responsible for developing national federations worldwide. As such, the GDC assists with the formation and codification member national federations and sporting organisations.

Chairman: Mr. Angel Sanz (ESP)

Officials Committee

The Officials Committee is a sub-committee of the Development Committee and is responsible for creating the policies, guidelines and systems for training officials for OCR events worldwide. Officials observe and enforce competition rules during races, and direct race volunteers and staff on course.

Chair: Ms. Henriette Nguyen (DEN)

Deputy Chair: Ms. Dilyara Sadikova (RUS)

Members: Mr. Ravan Quan (PHL)


Media Committee

The Media Committee manages all aspects of marketing and media, including social media and public relations.

ChairmanMr. Arnel Banawa (USA)
Members: Mr. Sébastien Desbenoit (FRA), Mr. Alan Bishop (CAN)


Safe Sport Committee

The Safe Sport Committee assists national federation members with implementing procedures to prevent sexual harassment and abuse in sport. World OCR requires adherence to Safe Sport Policies by all national member  federations.

Chair: Dr Yetsa A. Tuakli-Wosornu (GHA), M.D., M.P.H., IOC Dip. Sp. Med.

Deputy Chair: Dr. Sturat Weiss, MD (USA)


Technology Committee

The Technology Committee and advises on the global technology platforms supporting the systems and structure of World OCR. This includes integrating and displaying results, rankings, sanctioning, memberships and affiliate & athlete support. The Committee is advisory and submits Resolutions to the Executive Board.​

Chairman: To be announced

Deputy Chair: To be announced


Youth Committee

The Youth Committee is a sub-committee of the Development Committee and is responsible for creating the policies, guidelines and systems for developing young athletes worldwide. 

Chair: Mr. Rod Dixon  (NZL)

Deputy Chair: Ms. Emma Teede (AUS)