Central Board

As World OCR's top level executive branch, the Central Board's role is to supervise the practice of obstacles sports worldwide. It is composed of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary General and the Treasurer, the President of each Continental Confederation and 13 additional members of the Continental Confederations. Continental Confederation representatives must include at least one female. The Central Board may also co-opt additional members (with voting rights) for the vision, skill and special expertise that they will bring to the sport. 

The Central Board appoints the Secretary General, and the Deputy Secretary General. The term of office of the Central Board is four years, beginning after the last day of each elective Congress. The Central Board reports to the Congress. It holds two ordinary meetings annually. If deemed necessary, the President and Secretary General may also call extraordinary meetings.

President: Mr. Ian Adamson, Australia

Vice President: Dr. Guenther Dobrauz, Switzerland  

Secretary General: Mr. Matthew Joynes, United Kingdom

Treasurer: Mr. Alberto C. Agra, Philippines

Africa: Mr. P. Oosthuiszen, South Africa

Americas: To be announced, United States

​Asia: Mr. David Lim, Singapore

Europe: Mr. Philip Maher, Ireland

​Oceania: Mr. Colin Menzies, New Zealand