The World OCR (FISO) Athlete Advisory Council is a standing committee of World OCR that broadens communication between FISO and elite athletes and serves as a source of opinion and advice on FISO policies that effect obstacle sports worldwide.

The AAC may appoint athletes to FISO nominating committees, panels empowered to resolve grievances, and any committee that prepares, approves or implements programs regarding the selection of international championships, Olympic, Continental and Sub-continental Games team members, including athletes, coaches, administrators and support staff.


The AAC makes recommendations to the Central Board on issues related to the needs and concerns of the elite athlete members of the national federations, including:


  • selection of elite athlete races; 
  • qualification procedures for the selection of members to Elite National Teams; 
  • the establishment and maintenance of elite rankings;
  • event disciplines and formats;
  • adoption, amendment and enforcement of competition rules; and 
  • procedure for the appointment or election of elite athletes to the AAC


The AAC consists of thirteen (13) voting members and six (6) members with voice but no vote:

  • The Chair of the Athlete Commission who shall be the AAC Director and shall have the deciding vote in the event of a tie.
  • Ten (10) elite athletes with full voting rights, comprised of two (2) representatives from each continental region. At least one (1) athlete from each region must be a woman.
  • Two (2) elite para-athletes, one man and one woman, who may not be from the same continental region, with full voting rights.
  • The presidents of each of the five (5) continental regions, with voice but no vote.
  • The president of FISO, with voice but no vote.

Athlete Seats

Elite athletes may hold a seat on the AAC if:

  • within the ten (10) years preceding an election, they have represented their country in obstacle or related sports in the Olympic or Pan American Games, a World Championship, a Continental Championship recognized by the FISO, or an IPC-recognized World Championship in events on the Paralympic Games program; or 
  • within the twenty-four (24) months before election, they have demonstrated that they are actively engaged in amateur athletic competition by finishing in the top half of elite national championships or team selection competition for the events above; or
  • hold a current elite license as defined by the AAC and approved by the FISO Central Board


Lindsay Webster (CAN)

Voting Members

Africa: Ms. Trish Eksteen (RSA), Mr. Wilfred Kebenghe (CAM)

Americas: Ms. Faye Stenning (CAN)

Asia: to be announced

Pacific: Ms. Olivia Vivian (AUS),  Mr. Michael Gleeson (AUS)

Europe: to be announce

Para OCR: Ms. Misty Diaz (USA), Mr. John de Haan (NED)

Non-voting members

Africa:  Mr. Claude Eksteen (RSA)

Americas: Mr. Robert Stull (USA)

Asia: Mr. David Lim (SGP)

Pacific: Ms. Ilca Andrikis (AUS)

Europe: Ms. Malin Spång (SWE)

Ex-officio: Mr. Ian Adamson (AUS)