Apple Watches: Are They Good For Triathlon?

Getting into shape is something we all want to achieve. Regardless of our age, or where you live, we all want to ensure that we have the most active bodies possible.

That’s why we take up exercise, why we make sure we eat well and follow the kind of routines that we know will make us feel fitter and better.

One of the best ways to stay fit of course is to get ourselves prepared for a sporting event. 

Apple Watches Are They Good For Triathlon

Sporting events, by their very nature, require a certain level of physical fitness.

They need their participants to be able to handle the stresses and strains of sporting life in order that they can do their very best and succeed.

This is why training for an athletic event can, in many ways, be a good means of getting yourself fit.

Giving your fitness process a reason, giving you something to aim for can make the process not only more enjoyable but seem as if it has more of a concrete purpose. 

However, if you decide to do a triathlon, you might have many questions.

What exactly is a triathlon? Apple Watches- are they good for a triathlon? Questions like this might be spinning around your head which is why this article is here to help you answer them. 

What Is A Triathlon? 

Let’s start out with something simple – defining what exactly a triathlon is. It is almost certain that you have heard of a triathlon, but you might not know what exactly is involved in it.

It’s easy enough, after all, to hear a word in passion and know it has certain connotations but not to know what those connotations refer to. 

A triathlon is an event which requires mastery of three gruelling sporting areas – running, swimming and running.

The triathlon you see combines all three sports with the aim to find out which of the competitors has the quickest time across all three sports.

This means that even if you aren’t the fastest swimmer, you might still be able to win if you are particularly good at swimming and running. 

The triathlon is in many ways the ultimate endurance test because unlike running a marathon or competing in one particular sport, the triathlon requires mastery of three sports.

This means that it gives you the feeling of complete mastery over your body – complete body autonomy.

By making sure you feel fit in three different ways, through three different sports, you’ll be able to fully appreciate what it takes to get yourself into a state of physical perfection. 

The beauty of doing a triathlon is that you can also do it at your own pace. Whilst many people train for triathlons at a competitive level, there is nothing to say that is what you have to do as well.

As long as you have reasonable facilities in which to swim, run and cycle at your own speed and for your own wellness of mind rather than just to compete against someone else. 

You might now be wondering, what kind of equipment you might need to ensure that you do your triathlon not only in a professional manner but in one that helps you improve.

Having a digital watch that can track your times and your pulse is incredibly important, which is why you might consider using an Apple watch for your triathlon training. 

Apple Watches: Are They Good For A Triathlon? 

Apple are one of the world’s biggest companies. They are recognized around the world for the quality of their products and for the reliability of their products.

This is why you might be tempted to buy an Apple watch to use for your triathlon training. 

Whether you are thinking of competing professionally or just training for your own personal triathlon, you might be wondering exactly how reliable an Apple watch is. 

Well, the answer is simple. Apple watches aren’t great for triathlon training.

The reason is because, unlike watches that are designed for triathlons, you would need to download multiple apps to be able to register all the things you want to whilst training for your triathlon. 

For example, whilst the Apple Watch might be good at tracking your pulse whilst you are running, you would need to download several different apps to be able to track how you would be doing whilst swimming, then running or running then swimming.

The Apple Watch can’t cope with you doing more than one activity over a period of time without asking you to use another app to record the information separately. 

Therefore, whilst the Apple Watch could theoretically be useful for training for a triathlon, it isn’t the best app that you could possibly have or use.

Therefore, you might be wondering, what alternatives out there are there to the Apple Watch to use for triathlon training? 

Fortunately, this article will provide you with the answer. 

What’s The Best Digital Watch To Use For Triathlon Training? 

Now that you know why an Apple Watch isn’t the best digital watch to use whilst training for a triathlon, you might be wondering – well what is the best digital watch? 

The answer is straightforward and simple. The Garmin Forerunner 945 is the best digital watch to use if you are training for a triathlon. 

The reasons are straightforward and simple. Unlike the Apple Watch, Garmin’s Forerunner is designed to be used for triathlon training.

Its combination of a perfect weight and a can easily transition from recording the details you need from one activity to another. 

This gives it the edge over other smart watches because its purpose is to aid a triathlete in their quest for perfection, effortlessly shifting from tracking how well you are doing running to how fast you are swimming. 

Even better, the Garmin watch more accurately tracks your heart rate than any other watch and allows you to follow your progress easily with clear and sophisticated breakdowns of how you are doing in each sport. 

So, if you are planning on taking up a triathlon, then the Garmin Forerunner 945 is the smart watch for you. 

Why Triathlons Are Good For Us 

Too often we humans think about our digital selves and not our real selves.

We have become so consumed by technology, whether when we are working or when we are relaxing in our free time, that we fail to recognize our physical bodies; to think about what we can do in the real world. 

Doing a triathlon reminds us of our physical selves, of our need to get out and about and be ready for anything that life throws at us. 

This is why training for a triathlon, even if you are doing it on an amateur or part time basis, is so good for you.

It ensures that you feel alive, that you know that you are still human and that you can make yourself feel truly fit and healthy.

Being able to be truly fit and healthy is a great gift and it is one that we should all do more to ensure that we can do. 

Matt Williams