About Us

There’s nothing quite like completing your first race. Whether that be a triathlon, marathon, or iron man, the sense of pride you’ll have is simply unmatched. Excited to get started? Let me take you on a journey. 

Hi, my name is Matt Williams and I have been competing in races all over the world for almost a decade. My love for running began when I was a child, always alongside my parents as they trained for their own triathlons. 

My first race was a triathlon - I know, way to ease into it! But the thrill I got, diving into the freezing cold ocean before having to cycle while still dripping wet - it was exhilarating. 

Over the past nine years, I have picked up some tips and tricks, and I’ve even started training some family and friends to run with me. Racing is so much more fun when you have a friend by your side. 

I now chase the race all over the world, mixing my two passions - sightseeing and racing. I have been through 10 countries and countless cities, and I’m only getting started. 

If you want to experience the high of finishing your first race, please enjoy my website full of advice and personal experience. Who knows - maybe I’ll see you on the track one day!