7 Best Cold Weather Running Masks

You might face a bit of a conundrum when you are exercising in winter. On one hand, you will want to keep yourself warm and cozy to fend off the chilly winter weather.

On the other hand, you will not want to wear too many layers of clothing. Otherwise, you may risk overheating.

Fortunately, you can get a balance between warmth and practicality through running masks.

These are great ways of keeping yourself warm when exercising in the winter months. In addition, they are well ventilated so as to not hinder your workout.

To help you find the right cold-weather running mask, we have created a list of the 7 best products available on the market.


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First of all, this balaclava-style mask is great for cold weather running or other exercises. It is a customizable product that can be adapted to whatever style you need it to be. It has lots of functions, including:

  • Wind-resistant - during winter weather, you will need to endure harsh elements. Not only will this include the cold, but also the wind. Fortunately, this mask features wind-protective paneling to defend you. Aside from being wind-resistant, it is also water-resistant. 
  • Mesh breathing panels - when running or participating in any form of exercise, it is important to be able to breathe well. Doing so allows you to get more oxygen into your body. To make breathing easier when you are running with a mask on, this product contains breathing panels made out of mesh. An added bonus of this feature is that it will minimize the amount of condensation on glasses or goggles. 
  • Thermal micro-polar fleece - this comfortable fleece lining will make you feel warm even in cold temperatures. In fact, it has been constructed to keep you warm even at temperatures as low as -30°F. 
  • Different functions - if you desire versatility, you cannot go far wrong with this mask. Aside from cold weather running, it can also be used for lots of different sports, such as skiing, mountain climbing, motorcycling, and snowboarding.


Secondly, these gaiters from Rogue are another great option for protecting your face in the winter. Among the many amazing features of these masks are:

  • Different designs and patterns - Rogue offers these face protectors in a variety of different colors and patterns. This versatile product allows the customer to choose the design that they prefer most. Consequently, this gaiter will be particularly ideal for customers who are concerned about the design and appearance of their running masks. 
  • Single-ply material - this material is designed to be water-resistant. As a result, it will absorb the sweat that you generate during your running. 
  • Soft fleece interior - if you are looking to warm yourself up in the cold weather, this product will be excellent because of its fleece interior. This comfortable lining is not only soft, but it will also keep your face and neck cozy. 
  • One size - you will not have to worry about finding the size that fits you when it comes to this gaiter. It comes in one size, which is made to fit most people.


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If you are looking for a mask for running in the cold or participating in winter sports, this mask from Tough Headwear is highly recommended.

  • Versatile - you can wear this mask/ balaclava in numerous styles, such as a ninja hood or helmet liner. You can also use it as a face mask for shops, restaurants, or cinemas. Of course, the entire ensemble will give you the greatest level of winter protection. 
  • 4-way stretch - one of the disadvantages of using running masks is that they often are only available in one size. Therefore, they will not always fit your face. To avoid that issue, this mask from Tough Headwear has a 4-way stretch that allows the mask to stretch to your face. 
  • Sub-zero insulation - protection from the cold will be paramount when looking for a running mask. To keep you warm, these masks have insulation against sub-zero temperatures. 
  • No fogging - it can be annoying when your glasses or goggles fog up when you are exercising. To stop this, Tough Headwear has included mesh breathing panels that reduce condensation. These panels also result in the mask being more breathable, since they increase airflow.


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Next, this face mask from Achiou gives your face high levels of protection. Plus, it can be adapted to your needs thanks to its stretchy fabric and the fact that you can buy it in 7 different colors.

  • Lots of colors to choose from - available in the colors black, gray, green, khaki, navy, pink, and white, Achiou offers a wide selection of looks. These colors will make the product versatile and unisex.
  • High face protection - the Achiou mask has been made to defend your face from a range of elements, including wind, UV, and dust.
  • Tailored to your head and face - a mask would be pretty useless if it did not suit your face. Luckily, this balaclava has been designed with the head in mind. As a result, it will perfectly cover your nose. This means you will not have to worry about your mask falling down when you are running. 
  • Amazing fabric - this fabric is lightweight, preventing it from weighing down on your face. It is also stretchy, meaning that it can be stretched to fit different faces.


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A little different from the other products in this list, these UHEREBUY masks have a distinct look. Arguably, they are the most customizable product on the market, coming in a wide range of colors. These masks contain:

  • Loads of different colors available - UHEREBUY offers the widest range of mask colors on this list. This is excellent for customers who want their masks to look a certain way. Among the many colors include gray, dark blue, orange, rose red, and purple.
  • Unique cationic materials - UHEREBUY made these masks from a high-quality material that will support you in cold weather. It is comfortable, warm, and perfectly breathable. 
  • Amazing sewing - a durable mask will not be very advantageous to you, as it will fall apart quickly. Luckily, this mask has been sewed to ensure longevity and strength. 
  • Unisex - these masks can be used both by men and women. The designs suit both genders, allowing you to find the color that suits you best. As a result, it is a flexible item.


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The penultimate item on our list comes from Under Armour. It is yet another stunning product for you to own if you like going running in cold weather.

To increase your warmth, this mask has been made with a thermo-conductive coating. Its positive elements include:

  • Simple to wash - simply clean your running mask by putting it in the washing machine.
  • Chafe-free - a mask that uncomfortably rubs against your face will not be good. To avoid this issue, this mask is chafe-free. 
  • Thermo-conductive coating - this lining will absorb your body heat and keep it inside the balaclava. This will stop you from becoming too cold. 
  • Full face coverage - your face will be well-protected thanks to these masks, which cover both the face and the neck.


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Lastly, this fleece-lined mask from Sireck will be marvelous for keeping you toasty as you exercise in the cold weather.

It is multi-use and straightforward to apply to your face. The main elements of this mask incorporate:

  • 5 separate uses - you can use this balaclava in 5 ways, namely as a full mask, a hooded balaclava, a winter hat, a half-face mask, or a neck warmer. This enables the user to find the style that fits them best.
  • Simple yet efficient design - while other designs may be more sophisticated, this mask from Sireck is made to be simple but effective. Its black coloring looks great and will match most sportswear. 
  • Simple application - easy to put on, this mask will save you time and effort when it comes to the application.
    Breathable mesh - to make breathing and talking simpler, this mask features mesh around the mouth and nose.

Best Cold Weather Running Masks Buying Guide

After familiarizing yourself with this list of the best products out there, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of the cold weather running masks.

As a consequence, you may think that you are in an optimal position to begin shopping.

However, it is worth noting that the shopping process may not be as straightforward as you think. The reason for this is that there are a few key factors that you will need to consider before buying a running mask.

To make life simpler for you, we have listed some of the main considerations below.

7 Best Cold Weather Running Masks


Some customers will not be too bothered about the appearance of their running masks.

Instead, they will be satisfied as long as it works well. However, other consumers will be more concerned about the look and style of their masks.

If this is the case, you should think about what the ideal appearance of a running mask is for you. This can include the design and color.

While some brands offer a good range of colors or patterns to choose from, others will be more limited.

The standard color for running masks is black. If you are looking for a different color, you might want to consider a product that is available in different colors.

Good examples of this include the Rogue JUNK Gaiter or the Achiou Balaclava.


Water-resistant masks will be capable of absorbing all the sweat that your face generates when you run or work out. In addition, they will be capable of resisting rain. Consequently, they are ideal for cold weather running.

Though most masks will be water-resistant, not all of them will be. It is worth double-checking a product’s description to ensure that it is present if this is a feature that you want your mask to have.


Wind will be a common weather condition in the cold weather. Consequently, you should think about getting a running mask that is wind-resistant. This will help you face the harsh winter weather.


In the cold weather, you will need a mask that will keep you warm. If this is something you want in your mask, it is a good idea to check what sorts of linings are used.

Fleece linings will be very adept at keeping your face and neck warm.


Running with a mask on can be quite strenuous, as it can limit your breathing. This will minimize the amount of oxygen you are capable of taking in.

To prevent this problem from occurring, it is advised that you look into how breathable the material is. If it does not seem very breathable, such as if mesh panels are not included, it may be a smart idea to avoid this product.


Running masks are not particularly expensive. However, they are sold at a range of prices. Therefore, the ones at the higher end of the scale will be quite expensive and will only be suited to customers with a higher budget.

Because of this, you should contemplate how much money you are willing to spend on a running mask before you invest in a product. In doing so, you will not accidentally spend too much.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Okay To Wear A Mask While Running?

Most masks should be perfectly safe to wear while you are exercising. Most people will not be impacted by the use of a mask when running.

If this is a concern for you, be sure to get a running mask that has features to enhance breathability. For example, the use of mesh around the nose and mouth will make breathing easier.

Can I Run With A Ski Mask?

It is not advised that you run with a mask that has been purely designed for skiing. Though some masks are designed to be used in both sports, a lot of them are not.

After all, skiing and running are two very different sports. They have different impacts on your body. Therefore, it is better to look for a mask that has been constructed for use when running as opposed to a ski mask.

Does Wearing A Mask While Running Improve Stamina?

There has been some evidence that wearing a mask while exercising can improve your stamina.

The reason for this is that your body has to work harder. On the other hand, this evidence is not conclusive. While some people may notice an increase in their stamina, others will not.

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