10 Ways To Celebrate Global Running Day

Global Running Day falls on the 2nd June every year and is a day cherished by runners across the world. One of the most amazing things about being a runner, or belonging to any sport, is the community that comes with it.

10 Ways To Celebrate Global Running Day

From the day that you put your trainers on and went for a run you become part of something so much bigger.

This along with the mentality and physical strength that runners have is something not to be reckoned with and of course it should be celebrated.

So, the chances are that if you are a runner yourself you are looking for ways to celebrate this up and coming global running day and luckily for you we have some ideas. 

1. Go For A Run- This might sound obvious but what better way can you celebrate the sport then by partaking in it. Maybe try a new route or challenge yourself to run a new distance this Global Running Day to make the day more interesting.

For instance, if you usually run 5k then try running 10k to celebrate this remarkable day and if you already run 10k then why not push yourself to run 15k?

Be sure to not push yourself too hard though because no one wants to end such a special day in the emergency room. 

2. Go For A Group Run- Since one of the most important things about this say is recognising the community that exists within running what could be a more fitting tribute than going for a group run.

Perhaps you even already have a running partner that you could go with.

It is up to you how big the group is, it could be as simple as you and your best mate going for a run or as complex as organising for all the local runners to run together.

Just remember there could be a lot of you so be prepared! You could try advertising the event in local groups on Facebook. 

3. Upload Some Pictures- Usually on Global Running Day there is a certain hashtag that lots of people use when uploading pictures of themselves running. This allows avid runners to simply search the hashtag and see all of the lovely pictures together.

You could upload a picture before, during or even after your run depending on what works best for you. Just remember to make sure that you are using this year’s hashtag and not a previous one. 

4. Upload A Video- Similarly to uploading some pictures, you could use this year’s hashtag to upload a video of yourself expressing your passion for running.

This could be done by filming yourself on a run or simply by sitting and talking to a camera about why you love running and how it became so important to you.

A good idea if you’re sitting and talking is to still wear your running gear to keep with the theme of the day. 

5. Start A New Group- What better way to honor running than by helping it grow as a sport. This Global running day you could set up a group of runners. Following on from this you could arrange weekly meetups (or however often works for you).

A really nice idea could be to upload a picture of your group next global running day and to see how much you have grown. 

6. Do A Sponsored Run- Going for a sponsored run is a fantastic way of celebrating Global Running Day as not only does it centre around the theme of running but it also allows you to raise money for charity so it really is a win win.

It is up to you what charity you raise money for, any that is close to your heart will work perfectly. However, if you are struggling to pick a charity then one really nice idea could be to choose a charity related to why you started running in the first place.

For example, if you started running to improve your mental health consider a mental health charity or if you started running when you lost a relative to a condition maybe raise money for that condition. 

7. Take Your Kids Running- Passing down your love for running could be an amazing way to celebrate this Global Running Day whether your kids love or loathe running with you convincing them to come could really get them into the sport.

A nice little run can also make for a fun family adventure. 

8. Swap The Path For The Treadmill Similarly, swapping running outdoors for running on a treadmill could be a great way of mixing things up this Global Running Day.

If you run all the time anyway then going for a run isn’t really a celebration but doing so on a treadmill could be. Perhaps even set yourself a challenge such as spending a certain amount of time or running a certain distance on the treadmill. 

9. Treat Yourself To Some New Trainers Treating yourself to some new trainers could be a great way to celebrate the special day.

If you’re a runner then your trainers are probably your best friend so choosing some new ones is the perfect reward for a hard year of running. Maybe try a new brand or treat yourself to your favourite Nike, Adidas or Puma’s.

This way no one can shout at you for spending money. 

10. Start A Social Media Page-  Why not use this day to set up a way that you can celebrate running 365 days a year instead of just one. This can be done by setting up a running page on any social media site.

This could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest or something else. You can use the page as often or as little as you want to. 

Final Thoughts

Global Running Day is a day to be celebrated, it doesn’t really matter how you celebrate it so go wild. The most important thing is that you enjoy this one day that is dedicated to running. Overall, try to have fun and do what you enjoy. 

Matt Williams